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segunda-feira, 27 de setembro de 2010

Two Inches To The Right

Um poema de Mat Lloyd, que aborda um tema que é comum a muitos de nós, a morte sem razão de um conhecido.
É um poema muito bom, acompanhado por uma animação do mesmo nível. Parabéns ao Matt Frodsham pelo vídeo.
Deixo-vos então com o vídeo e uma nota do autor do poema:

A bit about the poem from Mat Lloyd:

"I wrote the poem on a canvas with a marker pen the morning after I was attacked.

The night before I was in my local park on the opening day of the skate park I'd helped get built, it was nearly midnight. We'd organised a DJ to play the day out in a marquee and I just popped out to take a leak. In my drunken state I was stumbling to find a bush when I heard, and felt, a sort of 'boink' sound. I knew I'd been hit on the back of the head, and I knew it wasn't with a fist. I don't remember much else other than being back at the marquee with a bleeding head.

I was very lucky as a number of my friends and other revelers had spotted me being kicked on the floor and ran over to drag me out. For that I am very grateful.

Living near London, the poem has never been retired and still appears in my performance sets. With youth violence seemingly growing year on year, the poem is as relevant now as it was when I wrote it. People blame hip hop culture, movies, video games, parents, the education system, unemployment, the list goes on. I don't have the answer.

The saddest thing about "2 Inches to the Right" is all to often, someone from the crowd comes to speak to me after I leave the stage and tells me of their friend who died in a similar situation. The poem gives them hope that some may listen, and think twice." - Mat Lloyd

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